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Children's Division

Beginner Ballet I – At this level, students start to learn the fundamentals of ballet and refining their locomotor skills previously learned in Kinderdanze.  Tap and jazz are offered with same principles.  French terminology starts to replace the simple names of skills learned before.

  • Skills to be learned include:
  • First and second position
  • Tendue
  • Releve
  • Port de bras (movement/position of arms
  • Bourres
  • Skips
  • Demi - plie
  • Pique
  • Saute 
  • Chasse
  • Introduction to Grand Jete (Big Leap)

Beginner Ballet II – Students will continue to work on skills learned in Beginner Ballet I with a focus on technique and memorization.  Patterns are the best way to implement memorization and growth of their skills. It engages students to strive for higher level learning and thinking. There are some new techniques learned at this level but focus stays on building the technique and memorization. Tap and jazz are offered with same principles.

Beginner Ballet III –This is a brand new world for students. This is the first glimpse into a traditional structured ballet class where it starts with barre work. Skills previously learned are now implemented at barre in the form of combinations. Class then proceeds to center work where new techniques will be learned. Tap and jazz are offered with same principles.

  • Third Position
  • Degage
  • Coupe
  • Pas de Bourre
  • Pas de Chat
  • Alternating Chasse
  • Retire
  • Introduction to Arabesque
  • Echappe
  • Reinforce classes etiquette
  • Know left from Right


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