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Pre Professional

Apprentice I & II - These are the first levels in our Pre-Professional division. At this level the expectations are set higher therefore students are required to have three ballet classes a week. Students will also continue to develop pointe technique. Class will become both mentally and physically more demanding.  If students have not already taken jazz and, or tap we highly recommend these dance styles.

The STAGED enrichment program is designed to allow students in these levels to rehearse and perform choreography in both ballet/pointe and lyrical/Jazz. This is only for the Apprentice I & II.

Junior – By this level, students are expected to work at a higher level in class. This means being able to engage muscles, use correct placement and apply corrections. With the accrued technique students are able to explore their own artistry deeper. Solo variations are studied in pointe class. 

ENSEMBLE is an enrichment program for the Junior and Senior I level, or students by invitation from the Apprentice II level.  It will be process based rather than product. Choreographic works will be set and used as a tool to deepen technique and artistry. Each student, will get an opportunity to create their own choreographic work, and present in an informal presentation.  This will be called the choreographic workshop.

Senior I & II – This is the top level of the division. Students are not only required but expected to present refined technique, work ethic and a high level of artistry. These two levels are able to start dancing along side the Carolina Ballet Theatre, professional company.

*Senior II is the highest level of the school. Classes are up to 4 days a week in all components of western classical ballet. Jazz, modern concepts and repertoire are a part of the curriculum.  By invitation of Carolina Ballet Theatre’s Hernan Justo, students have class with the professional company on Saturday and perform in CBT’s season performances at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts.


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